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The band

Honest bar rock for a great night out

Honest bar rock songs. That's what Call Me Joe delivers. Some are old. Some are new. All are timeless songs for a great Saturday night out on the town. Songs that stick like honey and make you smile over your drink. And songs that make you want to sing along, move along, and get the evening started.

Call Me Joe plays well-known rock songs—from Springsteen to Kravitz, from Stones to Police—with some added flavour of their own. Check out some sound clips to get an impression.

The Joes

Four regular Joes with over a century of collective experience in rocking out to their favourite tunes.


Guitar, lead vocals
Known for his melodical as well as lyrical improvisation skills, Paul is Call Me Joe’s front man. Rocking his trusty Telecaster, he is the band’s guitarist as well as lead singer.


Drums, lead vocals
Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ed combines singing with playing the drums. As Call Me Joe’s drummer and lead singer, he manages to lay down a solid beat while unleashing his vocal skills.


Keys, backing vocals
As the only band member that actually answers to the name, Joe plays the keys while throwing in an occasional backing vocal. Whether on piano, Hammond or Rhodes, Joe squeezes some soul into Call Me Joe.


Bass guitar
Being the sole band member with just one job, Marco takes this very seriously. As Call Me Joe’s vocally challenged bass player, he puts on his bass face and lays down a solid groove.

Upcoming gigs

Looking for a great night out? Come and watch us at our next gig!